What a crazy week.  Stephen Heathley (of KI Queen Bees) came by Friday morning and helped me re-queen several of my more feral hives to docile ligurians. I wish I could link a website for you, but he doesn't really have one... but if you want italian queens from Kangaroo Island, he's the go-to man.  Then I removed a hive from a cabinet on a porch (yes, a different cabinet and different porch... people leave cabinets on their porches and bees like them?) and spent the rest of the day crushing honey out of comb for market.  The rest of the week I was pulling bees out of places and building more boxes to put bees into, and then running out of boxes, and then getting more bees.  Basically, I was covered in bees and sawdust all week.

Saturday morning I went to market which started at 9AM.  Despite the sub-10 degree weather and torrential hail and rain, I sold out by noon.  It was only 20 jars, but it was all I had.  I can hardly wait till next week, assuming we have better weather for it!