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Unspun Honey


Unspun Honey

Single-Source warré honey

No pumps, no plastic, no electricity.  Every batch of honey is a vintage that you can never taste again, and every taste is a flavour explosion that will transport your senses to a forest in bloom or a pristine coastal wilderness.

The secret to Unspun Honey is time, patience, and a re-imagining of the ancient art of beekeeping.  We set out to answer a simple question:  what is the flavour of a single hive in a forest?  

This is raw, wild honey as it was meant to taste.  

Single-source honey

All our honey is hand-pressed at room temperature in a stainless-steel hand press, directly into glass containers to preserve the natural flavour and beneficial properties attributed to single-source warré honey.  Each batch of honey is unique to the location of the hive, the season, and the year.  


Temporarily Unavailable

Bee Removal

Pest control companies will kill a hive, but we do live bee removal.  We use a thermal camera to assess hives behind barriers.  Please follow the link for a more detailed explanation of what we do and the price breakdown.  

Custom-Made Warre Hives

Sometimes we have the time to actually make extra hive equipment.  We use locally sourced sustainably harvested cypress, or reclaimed high-quality timber.  It's pretty rare that we have our own woodware on offer - your best bet to get your hands on some is to contact us in early spring, before we fully realize how much we need for our own operations.