I've been extremely busy catching swarms and making new boxes to put bees into.  In fact, I'm barely keeping up with the box making - it seems as soon as I make a new hive assembly (box, floor, lid) I get a new swarm to put in it.  My two "emergency only" boxes (they're just slightly smaller, and poorly built... practice boxes you might say) are full of bees because I don't have other boxes to put them in!  I suppose that, as a beekeeper, having an over-abundance of bees should be considered a blessing.

All that done - I've got a label design, but it's not finalized.  I went ahead and pressed some of my honey just to do something different, and then I did an experiment with it: I set my "spare refrigerator" to the warmest setting, and then I made creamed honey by controlling the crystallization process.  This kind of honey is also called "pot set" and a lot of other names, but it's all the same thing, and doesn't involve cream or whipping.  Despite the names it's all crystallized honey; the crystals are just really really small and uniform due to climate control, which gives the honey a silky smooth consistency, similar to butter.  Here's a picture of it, next to the regular honey.  Both 375g, both taste amazing.

Creamed honey for your toast, liquid gold for everything else!