I finally got a dedicated work vehicle!  It's a Toyota workmate with a new tray, 2.7L petrol (not diesel).  This way I'm not carrying bees around back-roads with a trunk-full of bees.  There are kangaroos all over the place at dawn and dusk, and hitting one in my little Yaris would have made life... interesting.  I'm not sure a tow truck driver would save someone in a car wreck full of angry bees.

In other news, the "sold out" in my store is no longer just for show.  At first it was listed that way because I hadn't connected my finances to the website... now I'm legitimately sold out all the time.  I crush the honey, put it in jars, and then sell out in 2 hours, no matter how many jars I put out.  I need a magic wand to make honey but all I've got is these bees, and I need more of them!