I count at least eight pollen sources!  This is where my honey gets its kick.

Today was a good day for me!  I did some spring cleaning in my hives and did the rounds, chatting up the little ladies.

The hopeful thing I saw was that in every hive I looked into at the permaculture farm I found queens, honey, and pollen.  A few hives were so full I had to add on extra boxes.  There is so much pollen and nectar in Mt Gambier!  People ask me why I like keeping my bees close to town, and why I don't keep them in the country like other beekeepers.  The above picture explains it better than I ever could.  Who wants to eat the same food every day?  Bees sure don't.  And they don't select their pollen based on nutritional value or sheer quantity - they go after specific odors and textures.  Not unlike what I would go for, if I were out shopping or making a meal.  My honey tastes unique because it's truly multi-floral.  I can hardly wait to taste the recipe my bees have cooked up this spring.

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