The last honey of 2015

The short version of this post is: I'm not harvesting again until January or February of 2016, and this Saturday at the market will be the last day you can buy Unspun Honey this year.

I've got four jars from one of my backyard hives (light, clear, slow to crystallize, sweet, simple and monofloral), six jars from a hive in the Wattle Range (amber, cloudy, already crystallizing, complex unique multifloral forest honey flavour), and three jars of creamed honey (opaque creamy colour, made from late-September spring honey - the kind of honey I would just eat with a spoon until it's gone).

Why no more harvests this year?  Basically I've hit a roadblock in my supply chain.  I ran out of jars, labels to put on those jars, and my bees need time to re-fill their hives with honey in any case.

I'm going to use the break to re-design my label, get more jars, and get bigger jars - yes, 1kg jars of Unspun Honey are incoming.

If you want me to set aside some honey for you before the weekend, let me know!